Thursday, November 01, 2007

caliper assessment test redux

over a year ago now I did a post on what might be a "caliper profile personality assessment" question and ever since, on almost a daily basis, someone (~them~ I think), has been pinging my blog as a google search result of the phrase "caliper assessment test". I've had no other contact from them but they are probably checking up on me to make sure I don't reveal any of their intellectual property. so hard ain't it, to keep secrets when knowledge wants to be free. anyway, I thought I'd do them a favor (and maybe mess with their minds some more) by offering a new puzzler question that calipercorp is free to use as they deem fit. heck, they can even claim ownership of it. 'cause that's the kinda guy I am :). anyway, here's a tomawesome original:

a deceptively simple logical math question, pick the best answer:

what comes next in the sequence? x,y,z,a,b,c,__
1. e
2. i
3. n
4. r
5. t

feel free to explain your answer.


cooper said...

you must give the answer to prevent embarrassment.

Emma Sometimes said...


T, U, V

First of three letters in a sequence.

def, e is in the middle
hij, i is in the middle
lmn, n is at the end
qrs, r is in the middle
tuv, t is at the beginning

Noodle said...

I'm with Emma on the sequencing, but I had thought it should be U, V, W.

But as my answer isn't even an option, it must be wrong. :-/

tomawesome said...

lol, Emma gets an A for creativity.

as I recall the answer is 3. n

an explanation will follow

Anonymous said...

I have no answer and the explaination for that is I do not like math and when I read the word "math" my brain shuts off and my eyes roll back in my head. I start popping my whiteheads with the compass I used in high school

tomawesome said...

y'all are not going to like the explanation. so since nothing obvious pops out, it must be some obscure reason and requires thinking outside the box. anyway, here goes. think back to high school algebra. the first variable you learned was "x". then you learned to graph on the xy coordinates and then for the third dimension "z". so they are primarily variables - then when you got into more advanced equations you'd start using "a", "b" and "c" (don't you remember the quadractic equation?) ok, so it's true that any of the answers I gave ~could~ be a variable name; but I asked for the ~best~ answer. lets see what we have:
e - also known as the base of the natural log - could be confused, so best not to use as a variable name
i - a good integer variable, but also known as the "imaginary" number for complex numbers
r - typically used as radius (2*pi*r) or rate
t - time

which leaves us with "n"- usually used in math for much counting something - an integer variable. since it is the closest to just being used as a variable and not likely to get mistaken for something else, by default it is the best answer. "t" might come in a close second.

told ya! ain't you glad high school is over...

ps I bet there is some other reason that could also be found for any of the answers, but since I made the test, I get to be the decider :)

jfazz said...

Your explanation doesn't make any sense, the question asked for the next letter in a sequence. A personality test is meant is not meant to determine math skills, it is meant to determine abstract reasoning; thinking outside of the box does not refer to knowing obscure math references, but rather, having the ability to find solutions (which are possible without a specific education) that are not necessarily obvious.
Your answer would not give any information toward understanding a person's personality profile.

Robert said...

that is the dumbest attempt at creating an intellectual personality based question i have ever seen.

tomawesome said...

you're right, it is a dumb question that directly gives no understanding of a personality. But what does it tell you about all the people that look for Caliper test answers on google? It tells me that the test results must be taken with a grain of salt regardless. so why bother?

Anonymous said...




















Anonymous said...

Ha ha, well I got "N" as the answer but not for the reasons tomawsome said. x=24th letter, y=25th letter, and so on, so the sequence is 24, 25, 26, 1, 2, 3. Next sequence could be 14, 15, 16, 11, 12, 13. Letter # 14 is "N".

Regarding the logic given by tomawsome, that's hogwash. The question asked for a sequence, not to determine which letter fits into the given letter set.

so now i dont know what to think. Am I the blind squirrel who just found a nut?

tomawesome said...

ah, remember seahorses, this is a personality test... there are no right or wrong answers; it's a tool to determine if I want to hire you. depending on the job requirement, all of the responses could be appropriate. I'm such a stinker! just be glad you're not working for me :)

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richsaun said...

The answer is "T". The logic is that the middle letter of the first two groups are "Y" and "B".

If you choose "T", then you have:

YBU (Why Be You)