Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obama is not Usama!

no, he's not even a Muslim. of course now that I've planted that idea, you're associating our next president with a terrorist. oops, I did it again. I'm such a tool for HRC :)

more realistically, I'm thinking of comparisons of Obama with Jimmy Carter. both were good speakers promising the kind of change that only an outsider can do. seems to be a winning combination!

actually, to me personally, these matters are trifling. as a practicing phronimos, my concern is to do the appropriate thing in every situation I find myself. I didn't vote in the primary because I truthfully had more important things to attend. the old slogan "think globally, act locally" applies here.

speaking of the Clintons, what has been occupying my time lately is deep analytical studies in philosophy of the phenomenological, ontological, existential sort -- I'm reminded of when Bill discussed the meaning of 'is' as I've been learning Heideggerian (what is 'being') via podcasts by UC Berkeley philosophy prof Bert Dreyfus. I am again a student!

on that note, let me close with some key dialog from the wonderful flick "Across the Universe":

Dad: "Be serious, Max. What do you actually intend to do with your life?..."
Max: "...why isn't the issue here who I am?"
Uncle: "Because Maxwell, what you do defines who you are."
Max: "Who you are defines what you do."
Jude: "Surely, it's not what you do, but its the way that you do it."

think of this when Barack get's into his vision thing...