Saturday, April 15, 2006

south dakota abortion bill much too liberal

"senate ban does not except rape, incest... but still allows doctors to perform any abortion to save the life of a pregnant woman". sure we're talking matters of degree in a spectrum, but don't the pro-lifers believe all abortion should be terminated? if someones gotta die that's a tough choice, so which is it gonna be? the innocent baby or the woman that let herself get knocked up and now is going to die because of it? hey, her choice ended when she made the decision to have sex, right? she should have known better and run away from that rapist or horny relative. this law is a case where you give people what they say they want and it becomes apparent how stupid they really are. (for the record I am pro-life and pro-choice).

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

kill Moussaoui?

the question on trial today is do we execute the "20th hijacker" for something he didn't do? his failure to act on the knowledge he had to prevent the 9/11 attacks may cost him his life because society demands this response to the horrors now being relived. so who will do the killing? what if society picked you to perform the execution? no problem? how about with your bare hands around his neck. you personally will be held accountable for squeezing the life out of this man as he stares into your eyes. can you do it? what if the price for not killing him was death? same situation, get it? if you fail to act as society dictates you must be punished with death as well. and the next person randomly chosen had to kill both you and him in the same manner? and so on down the line... each individual in our society must bear some responsibility for the capital punishment we inflict upon ourselves.