Thursday, October 12, 2006

caliper assessment test

my sister emailed me with a question from the test she found puzzling (this is an evaluation for a V.P. position at a fortune 500 co):

complete the sequence:

<< content deleted because I don't want to help you cheat :p >>

I found it absurdly easy... but I could still be wrong. can anyone explain why anything other than "D." might be correct?


jfazz said...

The answer is is B. I the complete sequence is CARRIIZX, I'll let you figure out how I came up with that one. It is easier than you think.

Nick said...

The Caliper test is useless. Stear clear of any company who depends on it to hire good people. Companies have become Lazy and this is just another way for people to outsource their resposibilities. Great Managers used to be graded on the teams they could build and they took 100% resposibility for who they hired. Now they can just say CALIPERS SAID SO! It is just the latest degeneration of the concept of accountability in this country.

Before you say I may be a disgruntled candidate let me inform you. I was waiting an offer from a very large company and interviewing with one of its biggest competitors at the same time. The latter had me take the test ( this is a senior level job) I recieved my offer for more than I expected and took it. The testing company called me a week later and said NO GO! In less than 1 year I had taken 30% of the testing companies contracts from them and grown the hiring NON testing companies gross sales 45%. you will NOT see Calipers touting THAT story.