Friday, November 30, 2007

truth or dare: the blogroll challenge

ok, it's not really truth or dare but I thought it sounded good. anyway, here's the challenge: give a short review (25 words or less) for each site on your current blogroll - when and why you added them, what you think of them, how often do you read them.

here's mine:

The Cutting Edge: anti-liberal blather. not worthy of my blogroll.
Dr. Helen: Mrs. Instapundit is a psych and raises good issues on this very popular blog. I rarely read it.
Kevin M.D. - Medical Weblog: interesting research but I don't have time to read. too busy with the comedy elsewhere...
Bring It On: conservative political stuff. fodder for arguement if you need it. I don't, really.
thinking blog: Ilkerry has a good popular blog I recall. He/she sends mybloglog messages now and again but I'm not really up on it. thinking too hard is not fun.
Balkinization: another political blog (I think) which I don't read. I should delete, huh?
Eugene Volokh: the famous UCLA expert on constitutional law. his dad is a character who kinda offered me a job once.
useless advice from useless men: title says it all. fun stuff.
worldchanging: another one I don't read. it's all about building a better future. ok, I'll read it dammit!
Wonderland or Not: Cooper has many adoring fans and is one of my few regular readers. I think she has a secret crush on me. I actually read this blog.
MoxieGrrrl: a good read if you need a daily WTF from an angry young woman. sometimes I do :)
wandering the ether: another like minded individual. good writing. I should visit more.
Nicholas Carr: more of a traditional media kind of guy - I guess that means profesionally respected. don't recall why I linked to him.
someday satori: literary oriented and thus, well written :) Shannon actually has a good blog and few people read it. please do. we like the same authors.
riding the astral plane: Titania Starlight is dreamy. I do go here for inspiration.
Educational Whisper: nice political tidbits by Windspike. I usually don't have time to visit;, but I've had this link a long time.
the autonomist: it's political and I may be against it. see how the other side thinks.
a big dooz: dooz is funny and I'm a fan, but she's quit on us. apparently her new blog is by invite only.
emma sometimes: hilarious. one of my favorites. she could make money as a comedian. maybe someday she will...
chaotica: as I recall, this is an interesting well written blog. I visit sometimes.
goodnessgraciousness: Jen is another of my favorites. she writes about a lot of interesting stuff and is always spreading love. she even reads my blog!
heidi of hollywood: a thoughtful young filmaker who blogs occasionally. I read her blog even though she cares not.
EclecticBlogs: another one which I don't read and it's been here forever.
Scary Personals: cheap humor. we all need that sometimes.
fugetaboutit!!!: funny guy. I've had this link forever and rarely visit his site. hmm, must have just forgotten about it.
Realistic Paintings: amazing work. for when I feel artsy and in need of ideas or new technique. not read too often.
grow-a-brain: as I recall, a quirky real estate oriented blog. check it out I should.
things they won't tell you in film school: Julie's been on hiatus and it's not because of the writers' strike. she's related some good stories but it's time to drop her from the roll.
uncommon sense: business and all kinds of other important stuff which I admire but never get around to reading.
Treat Me With Respect: rantings from inside the medical field. good viewpoint but hasn't been updated since 5/06. that's how often I read it. I know, delete from blogroll! business and economics ideas. read it 'cause it's good for you. or don't -- yes , I don't much.
alarmclockcatastrophe (emma agin): she's funny and prodigous (yes, that emma). must be all that coffee.
plain jayne: fashion and celebrities. it's like people magazine. just added. 'cause I'm into that :)
more stuff about things: just added. poetry I like. discovered via someday satori's blogroll.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to comeback tomorrow and check out some of these blogs.

"Bring it On" is actually liberal political stuff, but I stopped reading and commenting there when some dude took something I wrote literally, something they never did with males but always did with females especially 19 year old females, and got a big stick up his ass.

You are very lucky to have me here...I am on a blogger protest.


I'm kidding btw.

cooper - singing the body anonymous in protest of Google's insidious takeover of the world.

I read Dave and Satori, I'll have to check out the rest.
I may do this one day though my blogroll is rather lengthy. I might have to limit it to just the rabbits. ;0

Emma Sometimes said...

aw, so nice to say....

I always say, I am never this funny in person.

PS. You are one email address away from reading an 'invite only blog'. I'll pass it on....

Emma said...

Thank you so much! And I totally concur with Emma Sometimes. People talk to me and they're like "Can you be funny like you are in your blog?" And I'm like "I AM NOT A TRAINED SEAL, I AM A HUMAN BEIIING." But they just want me to tell jokes and be snarky and the kids laugh and the dog laughs and Grandma laughs and I die a little inside.
The life of a snotty bitch is a tough one, I always say.
Seriously, though, thanks so much for the kind words. I'm a glutton for flattery. And FYI, your blog's awesome.

Anonymous said...