Saturday, March 25, 2006

the intellectual snob test

are you a snob?
ok, just for yucks, I took the poll. here are the results (btw I'm not a snobby as the person who gave me the link):

The Snob!
You are 70% intellectual snob.
Congratulations, you're a bonafide snob. You probably know your James Joyce, your Salman Rushdie, and you've seen "Rashomon." You are the meat and pototoes of the black-wearing, novel-toating, library-frequenting intellectual crowd.
The UP side! Membership to any group feels pretty good...even those whose members all claim to be independent. It's fairly easy to spot your own; just crack open that well worn copy of Catcher in the Rye in front of some little greasy spoon and you've identified yourself as a member of the elite.

The DOWN side Intellectuals, just like high school preps, are constantly jockeying for position, and you're probably not at the top of the ladder. Y'know that one friend you have that you're constantly trying to impress? That's the alpha. Without some serious studying, he/she will forever look down on you as just slightly better than the slobbering illiterate masses you so despise.