Wednesday, December 14, 2005

tagging issues...

so like it says at the top, this blog is a learning experience. this post is an experiment to see if technorati is really recognizing and publishing links to here. I've yet to see one of my posts appear there and I suspect that something is not working right (notice I'm not pointing fingers yet). I'm tagging this entry with "statistically improbable phrases" (as I think amazon calls them). and I'm pinging technorati, even though I think blogger is supposed to do it automatically. let's see if everything works as it should (just click on one of the tags below and see what technorati finds)...

UPDATE: it's been about 20 minutes since my post and nothing is showing up. looks like a bug to me. anyone have a clue?

UPDATE: here is code lifted directly from technorati and it still doesn't work --

12/15 UPDATE: well its the next day and voila! the tags are working. so now the question is, is it because I complained (I emailed technorati) or is this time lag normal? I'll keep playing with tags and post my results here.

12/17 UPDATE: something must have clicked into gear (even if it is low gear). my post on 12/16 is correctly showing on technorati - it did take 16 hours or so, but it did show up.