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disaster looms! are you prepared?

I watched "The Omega Man" last night w/the kids. They said it was a crummy version of "I am Legend". anyway, these end of the world scenarios are fun indulgent fantasies. here's some I got from a blog post by Amat Lim (Now if the earthquake prediction comes true you can't say you weren't warned!):

Future Prediction by Juseleeno Nobulega Da Roose (Jucelino)
Posted by limns on May 27, 2008

Some of his predictions for 2008 include:

◎ 2008
● successful development of effective drugs for treatment of AIDS disease and Dengue fever
● 18 of July: 8.1 earthquake in Philippines; thousands of people dead.
● Sept: terrorist attacks at the New York Empire State Building
● 13 of Sept: Super-strong 9.1 earthquake in China; epicenter in Nanning and Hainan Island; also results in over 30 meters of tsunami costing millions of lives; likely to devastate Japan as well.

Editor’s note: 12th of May and 13th of Sept are only a few months apart; at least he got the year correct but the magnitude of the destruction has been scaled down. Or could it mean that there will be another more devastating earthquake in Sept in China? It is mentioned on a forum in Jan 2008 that although this huge 9.1 earthquake happens after the Olympics ends in August 2008, there will be a series of relatively ’smaller’ earthquakes occurring in China before this huge earthquake. This suggests that the recent 7.9 mag Sichuan earthquake is only one of those ’smaller’ earthquakes which precede the mega 9.1 mag earthquake in Sept 2008. Scary thought isn’t it? Only time can tell…

Latest!! (updated 22nd May 2008): Lab breakthrough seen in lethal dengue fever

Unusual ‘Earthquake Clouds’ reportedly observed in Shandong on 9th of May, more than 1400 km away from the epicenter of the 7.9 mag Sichuan earthquake. What are earthquake clouds?

Some of his predictions for 2009 include:

◎ 2009
● 25th of Jan: an 8.9 mag earthquake in Kobe and Osaka, hundreds of thousands of people will be killed.
● Nov: another major earthquake will occur in Japan again, thousands of people dead.
● Economic crisis causes delays in payment of pension and insurance funds in Brazil; city and prison riots rampant.
● 24th of Aug: 8.9 mag earthquake in Istanbul of Turkey; the streets will be devastated.
● 16th of Dec: Sumatra 7.8 mag earthquake in Indonesia’s Sumatra Islands in the East; thousands of people dead.

◎ 2010
● average temperature of the African nations could be as high as 58 degrees Celsius; severe water shortages and droughts.
● 15th of May: New York stock market collapses, the world’s economy plunges into major crisis.

◎ 2011
● research into effective treatment of cancer successful, but a new disease will emerge. This deadly virus is named ”ALS”; if infected with the virus, one can die in as short as just four hours.
● H5N1 strain of bird flu infects humans; pandemic causes more than 3 million humans to perish by 2013.

◎ 2012
● massive desertification occurs from 2015 to 2020, leading to disappearance of a large part of amazon.
● from 6th Dec, the sky worldwide begins to turn gloomy: An ominous event which precedes dramatic earth changes and widespread and severe natural calamities.
● dramatic spread of infectious diseases signifies beginning of human extinction.

◎ 2013
● research into effective treatment of cancers (other than brain tumour) successful.
● violent eruption of volcano on Bahamas Island of the West Indies (islands near Caribbean Sea) from 1st to 25th of November, triggering unprecedented 150m high tsunami which travel rapidly to devastate large coastal areas of US, Brazil, etc. with about 80m high water waves. These huge killer waves will travel inland for about 20 km, causing tremendous loss of lives. Before the onset of the tsunami, sea level in the affected areas will drop by about 6 m and mass migration of birds will be observed.

◎ 2014
● scientists discover that the slowly approaching asteroid 2002 NT7 might be on a colliding course with the Earth; if so, will lead to an unprecedented castastrophe which threatens the existence of mankind.

◎ 2015
● Nov: the average temperature of the Earth could be as high as 59 degrees Celsius and the resulting heat waves will kill scores; world will become more chaotic after this.

◎ 2016
● mid April: powerful typhoon(s) strike China’s metropolis; causing widespread damage and leaving about 1,000 people dead.
● U.S. (Ex) President George W. Bush will be rushed to hospital and face life-threatening crisis.

◎ 2018
● leaders and scientists of the world largest countries in heated disputes amidst discussions on ways to avert the ‘colliding asteroid’ disaster. (Note: Jucelino had already, in 2000, foreseen the forthcoming disaster and had warned the NASA of the existence of this asteroid. NASA had confirmed its existence and had named the asteroid ”2002 NT7” on 31st June 2002. From news on the web,

“On July 9, 2002, the Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research Project (an MIT Lincoln Laboratory program funded by the United States Air Force and NASA) in New Mexico detected a 1.2-mile-wide (2 km) asteroid. It has an orbit around our sun of 837 days, and early calculations indicate there is a small chance that this asteroid will collide with Earth on February 1, 2019 … Asteroid 2002 NT7 has the potential to strike the Earth at over 64,000 mph and delivering and explosive force of 1.2 million megatons of TNT. The result of an impact by 2002 NT7 would be destruction of ‘biblical proportions’.”

◎ 2019
● scientists may develop an ingenious way to avert the asteriod catastrophe; but if a collision results, one-third of the world population will perish. Jucelino predicted a probability of about 60 percent.
● major quake (more powerful than the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake) on eastern coast of Japan, leading to widespread destruction.

◎ 2025
● new asteroid discovered; 80% chance of colliding with the earth

◎ 2026
● Great San Francisco Earthquake (The Big One) will occur due to rupture of the San Andreas Fault. California will be destroyed. Many dormant volcanoes in the region will become active once again. An unprecedented tsunami of over 150 meters in height will be triggered.

Editor’s note: The well-known American prophet and mystic, Edgar Cayce had also predicted a similar event. In his words, Edgar Cayce prophesied (before 1940)

“The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea… Land will appear off the east coast of America… Portions of the now east coast of New York, or New York City itself, will in the main disappear. The sea apparently covered all of the western part of the country,”

◎ 2043
● only about 20% percent of the current world population remains. Many had perished in the natural calamities.

Editor’s note: John Croino had also predicted that:
“By 2050, more than 99% of human males will be sterile…..there will not be a future of overcrowded cities and overpopulation. Instead, the human race will be facing it’s own extinction. The big problem of the late 21st Century will not be too many people, but too few ….”

Editor’s note: Mr. Juseleeno Nobulega Da Roose is a Brazilian, born in 1960, 47 years of age and currently a vocational school teacher. He can accurately predict future events with unbelievable precision (including the year, month and day and has made attempts to systematically document his predictions everytime he wakes up from his ‘prophetic dreams’. If the prediction concerns an ordinary individual, he will simply write a letter to warn him or her. If the prediction concerns a large number of people (or an important individual) and can have serious repercussions such that it warrants serious attention, he will send letters to the concerned agencies, governments, etc.

He mentioned that he began to have visions of future events in his dreams when he was still a child of nine years in 1969. Such dreams came naturally to him. He predictions are known to be unusually accurate. An outstanding example is afforded by his prediction of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. He had sent a letter to the Indian Ambassador in Brazil to warn of the event eight years before it actually occurred in 1996. It was stated in the letter that “he predicted an 8.9 mag earthquake will occurr on December 26, 2004 in Indonesia’s Aceh. Indonesia and India will be devastated by a tsunami 10 meters high. Similar letters were also sent to the Thai, Phillipino, Indonesian embassies in Brazil. Ample proofs are provided by the time stamps on the letters. Unfortunately, appropriate actions were not taken by the authorities. Predictions (especially those that arise from prophetic dreams) are almost always treated with a high level of suspicion and skepticism since they lie in the realm of pseudoscience. However, there is still so much that science cannot explain. See for example the double-slit paradox in quantum physics.

Mr Juseleeno made known his predictions in the hope that people will take heed of his warnings so that these disasters can be averted. (From the Buddhist point of view, awareness of such predictions can have a subconscious influence on the course of future events. Our physical environment is intimately connected to not only our actions but even to our thoughts). He hopes there will be a major change in mindsets of people in the time period leading up to 2008.

Both Juseleeno and John Croino (another well-known but elusive prophet) predicted major seismic activities and climatic changes in the years after 2007. John Croino mentioned:

“Then from mid-2007, the shock of events and disasters will increase month by month, worse storms, more violent seismic activity, bizarre and terrifying ominous events that seem to foretell of some great change brewing. Most people will not truly realise even a hint of bad it will become until late 2008. Every year from 2007 until 2014, will be increasingly nightmarish, with the peak period being 2012-2014. The sky will be dark in those places for long enough to truly frighten people and damage crop yields.”

Note that Juseleeno also predicted unusually dark and gloomy skies over large parts of theearth starting from 2012. The parallels between the two sets of prophecies are simply too overwhelming.


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