Thursday, August 02, 2007

meditation news...

yesterday I was listening to fox news while changing in the gym locker room. surprisingly, a guy was being interviewed about meditation (TM I think).
"a little hippy-dippy for the faux", I thought. what are these guys up to? my google search on the subject doesn't pick up anything on the story (as of today), but I noticed it does find a fairly large number (197,000) of results linking "fox news" and meditation. is this some kind of brainwashing being attempted? or something else?...

anyway, the interviewer asked him "do you think a group of people sitting around a table meditating can will the world (emphasis mine) into a better place?". this is a good question and deserves a good answer, but the dude ducked it with something like "meditation generates positivity which gets reflected in the participants' other social interactions". ok, so that's nice, acceptable and harmless, but it dodges the question about the possible full power of meditation. (refer to my previous post about being players in our own play.) if indeed we are the actor and playwright of our world and can tap into some fairly unknown physical power source like Jen speaks of -- that's big stuff. can focused mental intention magically make things real? what happens to causality? if you imagine something will happen and it then happens -- what made you want it to happen? ok, thats enuf mind bending for now. if you want more, try reading these best sellers: "The Secret" or "Law of Attraction". and if that's too much of an infomercial, try boning up on what this guru said a hundred years ago. as I was saying, this is not the blog you are looking for. you can go about your business. move along. :)


S.O.S. said...

For some reason, this posts makes me think of Abbie Hoffman trying to levitate the pentagon. :)

I read the Secret and thought the message was very good in terms of positive thinking. It reminded me of some elements of Zen Buddhism I've read. What threw me off with the Secret was the focus on financial gain. Not that the desire for financial gain is bad, but I think because the message seemed so Buddhist-like that when I came to chapters that explained how you can use the Secret for financial gain, which is not something a reader would find in Buddhist texts, it just seemed...odd (but that's just my lowly opinion).

The fact that FOX news was interviewing someone about meditation is surprising.

An interesting post and I'm totally going to look into the click comments!

A Week In The Life of A Redhead said...

I have meditated through sex before "Ooooommmmm I need to do laundry ... ooooommmmmm where did I put that bill .... ooooommmm..." it was really quite effective...
Catherine, the redhead

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