Thursday, January 04, 2007

antiques roadshow moment...

Sidney Richard Percy (1821-1886), Victorian landscape artist extraordinaire

I'm no art expert, but I know what I like when I see it, and I saw quality.

as they say at

"Percy was a master of his craft...The artist seduces us with perfection - in the composition, in his technique, in the overall effect of achieving sublimity. He captures the full interplay between time, place, the elements - and his own emotions. S R Percy has emerged as one of the most accomplished landscape painters from a gifted generation."

how much perfection? well Mark Murray galleries has one of his works on sale for $28,0000. many of his works can be found in English museums.

so believe it or not, last week I got my own personal framed Percy original oil "Meadowland Home" at a thrift shop (location to remain undisclosed) for $10 (check out the pic)! but it's not for sale. I just like having it and enjoying it. studying it at my leisure is an art lesson in itself. and fine art makes for good long term investments...

so should I be planning a trip to be on "antiques roadshow" next time they're in town? mmm, maybe, but probably not. you see, I did some close comparison of the signatures and pretty much decided that my Percy is not THE Percy so admired. a nice painting in any case. and you never know (compare my pic with the links and you'll see what I mean)... anyway, the real lesson is that thrift shops in the right locations can be very good places to find your treasures.