Saturday, July 23, 2005

Bobby Martin, comedian

Bobby Martin is an imaginary comedian invented by my seven year old son. Bobby Martin has became famous for his incredibly bad jokes. Only Bobby Martin could ever get away with telling these jokes and boy did he. He filled the clubs and as Zach says, "the audience went 'HA HA HA' all the way home". The jokes are so bad, it's funny -- it's like the joke is on you for falling for his routine; but the audience always does; the laughter is so infectious that you can't help but be taken in by it yourself. A little alcohol consumption doesn't hurt neither. Like William Hung before him, Bobby Martin is a modern urban legend in the making. I've already heard someone say "sounds like a Bobby Martin joke" or a "B.M. joke" for short. Only Bobby Martin can tell jokes that stupid and get away with it. Where did Bobby Martin come from and how did he become so popular? Is it just a fluke, an alignment of the stars, his 15 minutes of fame? I conjectured maybe he's related to Steve Martin, or maybe Dean Martin? Or both? Dunno, but someone told me they thought Bobby Martin was black. Could be, why not? I know, you want hear a Bobby Martin joke, right? Maybe I'll share later, OK? Surely you've got some Bobby Martin jokes of your own or rumors about Bobby you'd like to spill? Please add a comment below and help spread the Bobby Martin legend!