Monday, April 25, 2005

"my father's house has many rooms..."

this weekend was a spiritual one for the awesome's, in a variety of ways. first, we went to a real native american pow-wow which was a first for me and very cool. I connected with the great spirit via drums, chants, dancing, burning sage and shaking hands with about a hundred people.

next up saturday evening was a traditional passover seder. not a first, but I did get have a first experience with slivovitz plum brandy (from hungary). a tasty spirit.

lastly (the first will be last) was church yesterday from which the title of this post comes. the gospel was John 14, a very important chapter which I may later further expound upon. you can check the title link for a cursory look. please don't be confused; I may be a "doubting Thomas", but I am also an "American Catholic" (oh yeah, that really straightens it out, Tom). just don't ask me to explain/defend Mother Teresa.